Center for American Politics and Design

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Archiving, Design, Engineering

Made in collaboration with Lukas Bentel, Susan Merriam, and Kevin Wiesner

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The Center For American Politics and Design (CAPD) is a research group co-founded by Channel in 2018 that maintains a data set of every logo used by candidates running for federal office in the US.

Filling a gap in the historical record of design, CAPD is an easily filterable, open-ended research project that documents how candidates brand and market themselves to the public in the United States. The archive is a tool to explore trends and typologies that reveal themselves only when viewed in aggregate. Our complete data set is available upon request; we welcome everyone to use this collection to conduct their own analysis.

  • What we made with CAPD:
  • A highly filterable archive of the CAPD dataset
  • A brand identity and design system
  • A media package