The Media Archaeology Lab

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Archiving, Design, Engineering, Production

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For The Media Archaeology Lab (MAL), we designed a flexible brand identity and created an open, accessible archive of their collection, including a custom 3D capture methodology for documenting objects as they are accessioned.

The Media Archeology Lab (MAL) is a hands-on, cross-disciplinary research center based in Boulder, Colorado whose collection includes still-functioning but obsolete tools, software, hardware, and platforms from the late nineteenth century through the twenty-first century. It’s a space for researchers, students, teachers, artists and the public to study and learn. Its collection includes historic personal computers, handheld devices, and gaming consoles.

Items from the MAL collection

  • What we made for the MAL:
  • A new logo and visual identity
  • An archive of their catalog
  • A documentation system
  • A new website
  • Cute stickers

MAL brand system illustrated across variety of brand assets

MAL stickers