SALT Istanbul

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Kraliçe ML for SALT Istanbul

Design, Engineering

See Kralice ML on SALT's website

Kralice ML is a typeface designed by Channel Studio using our custom-built neural network trained on a data set of over 50,000 fonts. It consists of newly generated letterforms based on the latent embeddings from the thirteen previously commissioned iterations of SALT’s brand typeface.

Research and development for our font neural network was based on novel approaches to SVG encoding developed over the course of a year with multiple other applications. These embeddings are a simplified numerical abstraction of the letterform that can be translated back to the original glyph by reversing the process. Through this generative and representational capacity the network can be used as a design tool, blending or interpolating between fonts. Thirteen hybrid letterforms were then selected and redrawn by hand, adding a human layer of interpretation to otherwise programmatic explorations in typographic latent space.

  • What we made for SALT:
  • Custom brand typography created using a neural network